Starting the server

In order to start the server you must access the NLUlite/ folder:

$ cd ~/NLUlite/

and then type:

$ ./NLUlite-server

Under Mac Os X, you will be asked to allow or deny incoming socket connections to the server. You must allow them for the server to work.

The server starts by default using the data in your ~/NLUlite/data/ directory, listening on port 4001. If you wish different parameters you can run the server with:

$ ./NLUlite-server -p <port_num> -d <data_dir>

A relevant parameter is the number of threads used by the server

$ ./NLUlite-server --nthreads <num_threads>

The full list of parameters is given by typing:

$ ./NLUlite-server -h

Please note that the the server is completely passive, since the interface with the NLUlite functions is implemented at a client level. However, the server has to be running upon executing the client scripts.